Honda S2000

Current S2000 Specialty Offers

          We specialize in everything Honda S2000 related. Below is a list of most commonly requested services we provide for your S2K. (Photo: 2008 S2000 courtesy of Mr. H Woermann)

  • Alignment (including custom specs ie. UK spec, Road and track spec, whatever spec you want) - $105
  • Spoon Sports - Rigid collar installation - $150
  • Cat-back exhaust install (for off road purposes please inquire) - $50
  • Valve Clearance adjustment - $115.50 ***add $37.80 gasket, $59.80 spark plugs
  • Clutch installation - $700 ***add $100 alignment, $735 parts (includes ACT pressure plate)
  • Clutch hydraulics, master and slave cylinders - $105 ***add $275 for parts
  • Supercharger kit install - $1320 labor installation only ***customer supplied parts
  • Ap2 Retainer upgrade - $1000 labor installation only ***customer supplied parts
  • Pre purchase vehicle Inspection - $85.00 ***add $40 Compression test, $150 leak down test

          All prices are subject to tax and hazmat fees.     

          To our current S2000 customers, thank you again for your ongoing business. To our prospective customers, welcome, and how may we help you?